PARE assists animals on a daily basis and for the last 3 years has maintained an office (PARE Education and Service Center in Fajardo) open 4 days (16 hours) a week by volunteer members. Our listed phone number provides a message machine which gives a member’s home number for emergencies, thereby serving as a “hotline”. PARE helps as many animals as possible and their guardians by giving information, referrals to veterinarians and shelters and offering counseling in cruelty cases.

PARE volunteers assist with investigations of animal cruelty cases and often attend trials as a “friend of the court”. Copies of Law 67 for the Protection of Animals are always available for individuals and are regularly distributed to police, courts and other government agencies.

PARE volunteers rescue homeless animals in distress. Potentially adoptable animals are healed, vaccinated and sterilized, preparing them for adoption to loving homes. Animals deemed unadoptable, usually because they are too ill or too aggressive, are humanely euthanized by a veterinarian.

PARE's ultimate goal is a full service shelter for animals that is consistent with humane guidelines, increasing our ability to serve animals and the community. In the meantime, PARE helps place animals and prevent abandonment by helping to connect prospective adopters with PARE Members and others who have animals for adoption by phone, by posting individual notices on the PARE Center bulletin board and on the internet. Ads on www.petfinder.com are posted with a description of each animal with a photo (when available) and contact information for the animal’s present guardian.

Ongoing work:

PARE is always striving to design programs and solutions for improving the quality of life for animals and, therefore, the community by preventing abandonment and propagation of animals, as well as cruelty to animals.

Monthly meetings (open to non-members) are held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6PM at PARE Center.